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What is a Firewall and Why Do I need One?

Technology is changing rapidly and it sometimes feels almost impossible to keep up. As a long-time IT veteran, this rapid change is something I both love and loath at the same time. I’m amazed at how technology has improved so tremendously in just a few short years. PC’s the size of USB sticks, smartphones more capable than desktop PC’s from just 5 years ago. The endless march of technological progress is mindboggling.

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5 Tips to Protect Yourself From Holiday Scams

The year has flown by. The holidays are upon us. People are starting to plan their Thanksgiving meal and mulling over what to get Uncle Ed for Christmas. Time to spend time with friends and family, relax and enjoy the spirit of the season.  Unfortunately, we must also stay vigilant to those pesky holiday scammers and their wanton ways.  They prey upon the fact that we’ve let down our guard and aren’t paying attention to the details of that email that just came in or that we’re filled with the holiday spirit and willing to give.

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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a fantastic Microsoft program that often goes unnoticed and is definitely an underutilized tool.  It is a great productivity aide as it focuses on note taking, both typed and hand-written; audio recording, search tools and has an amazing integration with the rest of the Microsoft Office programs. Until recently, I was definitely still old school and would tend to write all of my notes in a spiral bound notebook; but then I discovered OneNote. It’s like having a digital notebook that organizes the pages for you and makes sharing information with your coworkers so much easier and definitely gets the job done much more efficiently.  Below you will find just a handful of options that OneNote has to offer to make your note taking experience even better.

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5 Ways to Deal with a Client Freak Out

Anyone who has worked in customer service has dealt with it. They dread it. They hope it never happens again. But it does happen again. And again; Something has gone wrong and the client is freaking out. And, by the way, it’s your fault.

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8 Ways to Make Your Digital Marketing Soar

It can be daunting to develop an online strategy from scratch. Starting a new business is tough! Or keeping a current business afloat and up to date with the latest digital trends isn’t easy either. Sometimes, you just don’t know what you don’t know.

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4 Amazing Holiday Digital Campaign Examples

Tis’ the season! And you know what that means: It’s game time for holiday shoppers and small businesses. This year, the holiday shopping season looks promising for both business to consumer and business to business retailers. Online shoppers are expected to grow from $335 billion in 2015 to $523 billion in 2020 with mobile devices being the key driver in that growth.

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It's Not About Technology, It's About People

My first paying customer was my friend, Kathy Brinkman.  Kathy had a spirit like no other I've ever known.  I say "had" because she fought cancer courageously for over 10 years before succumbing this past June.  I have heard many stories of Kathy since her passing. I don't think there was a person who ever met her that didn't instantly like her. She loved to laugh, was a joker, and her smile was infectious.  She was always vibrant and thankful for everything she had been given.

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6 Ways to Leverage Your Technology

From embracing mobile technologies and apps to leveraging the power of the cloud, small business owners have many technology tactics at their disposal to grow their businesses.

However, sometimes - even with all of the available resources and tools it’s tough to know where to get started. Saving you time and effort, and supporting you in achieving your business goals, is why we created these 6 easy ways to leverage your technology.

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What Does the Cloud Mean for Your Business?

It’s no secret that computers, the web, and social media have all dramatically changed the way we work.

Technology now enables us to work faster, more productively, and with more flexibly than ever. You can easily pull together the resources you need for as long as you need them and then let them go when you’re done.  You don’t need to add computer systems or people to work on specific project tasks that require some extra help. You can simply go to the cloud.

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Collaborate with Your Team In Real Time

It’s no secret that computers, the web, and social media have all dramatically changed the way we work. What we used to compose on typewriters (remember those?) or file away in clangy, metal filing cabinets, we now take care of completely electronically with just a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse.

Technology now enables us to work faster, more productively, and with more flexibility than ever. You can easily pull together the resources you need and then toss them when you’re done. This is a smarter use of resources – and greener too. Instead of storing files on external hard drives, now you can simply go to the cloud.

Using cloud storage, such as Microsoft OneDrive allows you to get more done, collaborate with your team in real time, and work more flexibly than you ever have before.

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