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How to Build Websites as a Team

Many people wonder why does is take an entire team and a considerable budget to build an effective website? Can I not just build a website myself?

The obvious answer is no, there are too many pieces and parts to a well-built website for just one person to handle on their own. It takes a team to build a website. If your business just requires basic contact information and a blurb about your business, then a DIY builder may be what you need. However, if your business requires more than just one page, a contact form, event calendar, a blog – if you really want to sell your business online, then hiring a team of professional web developers is the way to go.

We’d like to give you a behind the scenes look on how to build a website as a team at Watchtower Consulting IT Services.

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How to Plan a Website Redesign: 6 Steps to Success

Planning is a key part to running a business. Whether it’s planning for a company event, a project, finances or a marketing strategy, every task needs a set of steps to achieve success. Without a strategy, your assignment is likely to fail.

Preparing for a new or redesigned website is just as important as planning for everything else in your business. Taking the time to plan your website sets a defined direction as well as prevent backtracking and miscommunication between you and the site builder.

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What is CSS?

CSS is what sets the visual style for a whole website. It is used to control the colors, fonts, background images, margins, width, height and layout of the site.  Each page could be displayed with different colors or background images as well as different fonts and margins if desired.

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5 Free SEO Tools to Evaluate Your Website

Whether it’s fixing a car or completing a home improvement project, using the right tool for your project ensures success. When it comes to using the right tool for online success, you want to select a tool that increases the chances of your website being found in search engines. With that said, there are a number of tools out there to help you see your site as Google does. Here is a list of our top 5 favorite free SEO tools.

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5 Ways to Appear in Google Search Results

Would you like your business to be easily found online for the services and products you sell? Of course! Everyone wants their website to be discovered in the top search results of Google. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just building a beautiful site and hoping visitors come to check out your products. If you want to gain valuable search traffic and turn leads into customers, you have to put together a strong plan.

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2 Ways to Sum a Column within an Excel Worksheet

Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool to have in your back pocket to sort and collect your data for a variety of tasks from keeping track of accounts payable; to doing inventory of office supplies. Even something fun like tracking Superhero Statistics can easily be done with Excel. One of the easiest ways to allow Excel to be an integral part of your spreadsheet entry is to use it as a calculator. The SUM function can do all the work for you and add your figures within your columns. Below, we will cover the two easiest ways to sum a column within an Excel worksheet.

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How to Set Your Out of Office Message with Office 365

All of us have a need to be out of office from time to time.  Letting your team members and clients know that you are unavailable and who to contact in your absence is important to keeping business moving while you are out.

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Communicating With Clients on Their Level

We have all experienced it, you ask a service professional a question and they respond with industry-specific terms and phrases. You just want to know what time it is, not how the clock was made. Call it jargon, lingo, slang, geek speak, techno babble, or whatever you like. Clients call it confusing.

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Get the most out of Office 365

If you're like a lot of our Office 365 clients, you signed up because you needed Word, Excel, & Outlook for your PC. You also probably needed business-class email to stay in touch with your customers. Office 365 is a fantastic value for the email service and Office apps alone, but there is a so much more included that most people don't take advantage of.

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Have You Missed WCIT?

2016 has been an exciting year for us so far. We've been extremely busy the first half of the year so far. We've expanded our IT service offerings significantly, the most exciting for us has been our partnership with Microsoft as a certified Cloud Solution Provider. We're now an authorized reseller of Office 365 and Microsoft's cloud services as well. This has enabled us to provide essentially a turn-key IT solution for small businesses. From hardware, anti-malware, data backup, and now business-productivity tools, we have it covered.

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